A Note on Photo Archives

For the record, I’ve been looking once again at migrating the old stores of Zoe photos.

The Flickr account has been deleted. While it served me well for a time, the fact is that after Yahoo bought it the service began to stagnate significantly. Features stopped rolling out, it became more of a chore to upload pictures and organize them, etc. I’d paid for the higher-tier service for a while, but when it became clear that I was throwing money away, I stopped. Eventually even the free-tier just wasn’t worth it. And, of course, with Yahoo dying, who knows what will even become of Flickr as a service.

All of the content is archived in Google Photos for now (a superior service, as you’d expect of Google). I haven’t decided if that’s what I want to use to host them in general, though. Or even if I will continue to do so.

But if you bookmarked the old link, that’s why it’s not working anymore.