An International (Terminal) Trip

A friend of mine was coming back from about a month in Afghanistan and I offered to pick him up and give him a lift home. This meant my first visit to Atlanta’s new international terminal, which was slightly worrying because it has a completely separate transportation system than the main airport. 

The bit I saw, though, was almost astoundingly simple. Pull into big loop road, then into parking garage. 50 yard walk to elevators, 50 yard walk to waiting area, bam. And it was nice and clean and totally disorganized with hundreds of families standing around waiting for their jet-setting loved ones. Still a great deal less crowded than the main airport.

When said friend got through immigration almost the first thing out of his mouth was (and I have to paraphrase) “I just went through another airport where they were busy loading chickens and cattle and shit on to planes and it was STILL better organized than this brand new place.” Apparently the immigration and baggage end leaves a little to be desired.