The drinks have been finalized, notarized, sampled, and planned. They should be strong enough to pack a wallop, but flavorful enough that you won’t notice so much. And as previously stated, there will be three of them, in shot form. And they’re so fucking simple! 

Hopefully nobody will be drunk enough to fall off the railings at the Marriott. Although I don’t really ever believe it’ll happen to our crew, my fear of heights always does extend to others in the party. I do actually seriously have wake-from-a-dead-sleep-drenched-in-sweat nightmares about just dropping my camera over that rail from time to time, it’s so bad. 

The whole plan for the year is coming together. It will be fun to be in character for this one, and the decor, while it doesn’t cover the whole damn room, should be silly enough to cause amusement. Whatever. I’m not out to win, I just want everyone to have a laugh (and be plastered).