First World Problems.

When my office building was constructed in 2002-2003, they made a big deal out of some of the smaller “green” options that were available at the time (and, being post-9/11, did the same with some advanced behind-the-scenes security). One of those is that all of the offices and conference rooms have motion-sensitive light switches. If it doesn’t detect motion, it assumes you’ve run off to a meeting or left for the day, and after a while it will shut off the light. Which is a good, noble idea.

Here’s the issue, though. My team got moved into some of these offices and away from our cube farm, which was located in a renovated storage room with just a plain light switch. We’ve been split up into two people per office with smaller cubicles inside. It’s quite lovely in comparison. But the light switch is in the front of the office where my office roommate would sit. He’s out today. My cube walls keep the light switch from knowing I’m here, and it keeps plunging me into darkness.

So every now and then I have to scoot back from my desk and wave at the switch, lest it forget me again. Already put in a request with the facilities folks to see if I can un-green the office.