Arduino and Costuming

The more I ponder the possibilities of an Arduino the more I’m surprised by where it could go. So much of this applies to that intensely nerdy hobby of costuming. SEKRET PROJECT is more or less a costuming project, if slightly indirectly. But there’s so much more to do, especially with the sewing-friendly Lilypad Arduino.

Off the top of my head, an Ard could easily handle synching up lighting or other effects for a Ghostbuster backpack, or even better, could be rigged as a simple (relatively) display for a PKG meter.

Or Steampunk, even. Hidden LEDs could make for useful glows. The servo controller could make gears spin up in sync with that, or on a timer. It could possibly tie into some sort of small steam effect as well.

Don’t even get me started on what it could do for assorted Stormtrooper costuming.

I’m going to end up swimming in Ards, I think.