Victories and Other Things

Our team won our weekly trivia last night, and it was good to be a part of it. I contributed on a few good questions of course, which is always nice. Unfortunately the one team that always seems to be present and has been racking up about 90% of the wins over the past six months or so wasn’t present last night so the gloating is limited.

Oh well. I’ll take a win where I can get it.

Unrelated work note, something in the building is making a faint sort of siren-y noise, like a fire truck’s. If I had to guess I’d say it’s some sort of rotary tool spinning up, and then being turned off so it tails off. Floor buffer perhaps? Normally they don’t do that during business hours like this. Hm.

Unrelated personal project note, my SEKRET PROJECT for the next Dragon*Con theme room is rocketing through the planning stages. After being stuck on a bit trying to figure out how to inject randomizing into an electrical circuit I turned to a small device of which I’ve heard much, but never played: an Arduino.

If anyone’s unfamiliar, it’s a little microprocessor into which you can plug any old electronics, but the interesting bit is that it can run C. So! A potentiometer can read in input from me and translate into a variable in the code. Said variable’s data will be a multiplier for a random number generator. Results of said number gen X multiplier = pulses sent out the outputs on the other end of the chip. The random pulses go to the two connected devices and BAM, instant <SEKRET PROJECT>! Pop all of that into a vintage <SEKRET PROJECT> case on eBay and it’s done.

DAMN I’m a genius. Can’t wait for the initial gear to arrive so I can start prototyping.