Hot on the heels of the good day that was Tuesday, yesterday was a beast of a day. It’s like the reverse of that damnable Chumbawumba song… I stand up, and get knocked down again.

Spent most of the day trying to run down an issue for a system that the bosses deliberately told me not to get involved with for political reasons. So of course when it broke, and the guy on the other team who supports it is on vacation… in Hawaii… for his wedding this weekend… it’s a pain in the ass to run down. I was burnt out in a major way.

And yet there were positives that arose from it. I had to work with folks I know well from that other team, and their manager. It’s genuinely good to work with them. I have respect for the folks I work with in my group but, with a few exceptions, working with these other guys is different. I know they have my back if need be, and I’m proud they know I’ve got theirs. I don’t feel that with my current team very much.

But it got fixed. The groom-to-be has a habit of not disconnecting even on vacation, so he got wind of what was up and fixed it (a quick fix, fortunately). We joked that he’d be saying his vows while checking his email. On this end it was a good display of teamwork regardless.

So, something to feel good about.