On Aspirations

Yesterday as I was trying to prepare my happy place for the blood draw I’m likely to get at the doctor’s office tomorrow (this is going to be difficult), I discovered that the happy place is presently a very empty road and a very fun car. In relatively short order, that happy place became the Nurburgring.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but that’s a racetrack in Germany that’s 13 miles long and is considered the most grueling track in the world. And in pondering it as a happy place, it became a lifetime ambition to drive it and hopefully do so in under 10 minutes. This morning to guage the expense of such an endeavor I went looking at prices for renting something fast and fun once I get there.

So, the all inclusive full day rental that includes fuel and allows for two different drivers is probably what I’d need. Top of their list is a nice Porsche 996, which comes out to… just under $3000 for a day, limit of ten laps. Ah.

Here, how about a Renault Megane, a hot hatchback? That’d run to around… $1400. Well screw it. Least expensive on the list is the sporty (albiet ugly) Alfa Romeo 75, which has no lap limit! Cool! That’d be… $780.

I won’t bother to look up travel costs because it’d just depress me. Not unattainable by any means, but definitely not anytime soon. Sigh.