A new Universe

Uverse got hooked up today. It’s doing well so far. There were some minor configuration issues with getting our PCs onto the network. With mine, being linux, that’s expected. But the guy left before Erin’s stock simple Windows config was done. Kind of a pisser. Still, an easy fix for myself.

The TV side looks pretty good. It’s gonna be a pain for me to re-learn all the channels I normally hit. I went to go set up my favorites list in my office and it wanted me to pick from a list of 547 channels. Phew. But the set top box has built in PIP which seems to work with any TV, so that’s very cool.

Called DirecTV to cancel, too. They’re gonna send a box so I can send back my old receiver, and of course I had to sit through the guilt trip. Not that they’ve done me wrong, mind you. I’ve merely evolved beyond a need for them.

Good to have it taken care of. The bills should be roughly the same, monthly, but for a boatload more channels, newer equipment (we have DVR! That was a surprise, I didn’t have to shell out extra for it it seems), and the ability to upgrade our internet speeds again. Not yet on the latter. The prices go up pretty fast.