The doctor visit did not go well. The first sign of trouble was when the nurse had to take my blood pressure three times because she couldn’t get a reading: it kept dropping like a rock as I was freaking out. The second was when she was preparing the room and squirted a pile of clear gel on a napkin on a table.

“Uhhh, what’s that for?”

“For your rectal exam.”

“I’m getting a rectal exam?!”

“Isn’t that what you’re here for?”

“I’m just here for a checkup!”

“OH! Well nevermind then.”

The I had to wait an hour for the doc. He listened to my lungs and crap, said I seemed perfectly healthy but said I needed to exercise and that they’d check me for a thyroid thing, since my weight gain has been so rapid. Then came the blood draw.

I’ll have to type this fast so I don’t freak out.

She checked the first arm and found that the vein was really small so she had to go get a smaller needle. She stuck me, I freaked and couldn’t sit still so it jumped the vein. <taking a breather on typing…> So she found a better spot in the other arm and poked me. I was able to stare at the ceiling vent and delay the reaction. I apologized profusely for being trouble.

Afterwards I went outside and sat on the cream colored leather couch in the waiting area. Erin showed up after a minute and said my face was like a cross between the greyish green of the walls, and the cream color of said couch.

But it’s done at least. =(