Got to work, was tired, had my traditional cup of coffee. It tasted nasty. I made more but didn’t have any more before the monthly departmental meeting, which I’d forgotten about. When they have these a breakfast is provided with juice and danishes and the like, including better coffee than we normally get. So I had my traditional mug thereof. Although I had way too much milk in there, it was a good amount of coffee.

I’m jittery as all hell. But it seems to be a good thing. I’ve been making a habit over the past few weeks to take a Sudoku break now and then to help keep the stress down and keep the brain going. My average time is down to about 6:30 according to the site I play them on (which is mainly due to a slow start in getting used to them, it’s been a while since they were a habit… nowadays 5 minutes is about average).

I just set a personal best time of 2:59 on one though. I’m tempted to have another cup and try again. Weeeeee.