Color Profiling

I’ve been frustrated for a while because the images of Zoe I’ve been getting look great on my camera, but when I upload them to the site they all look washed out. Finally had the time to do the research about it, and got it fixed, yay! This was incredibly upsetting: for all the money I’ve put into this camera, I want the good stuff to show up.

Anyway, it’s a long technical explanation. The ultra-short version is that your camera sees things one way, and the fancy picture editing programs can see them the same way, but FireFox and Internet Explorer see them different. So the trick is that if you edit the picture before you upload it (something I have to do because of how I use the camera), set it to export as color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Try saying that three times fast.

As a result of this, the newest, brightest image of Zoe is up. This was on a bright sunny day as she used a whole load of sidewalk chalk on the back patio. Good subject to have figured this out.

Update: In looking at the latest image and how great it looks, then comparing it to some of the recent ones that look washed out, I’m gonna re-develop some of them and re-upload them. So keep an eye on them, some will get a lot brighter.