The downside to online shopping.

There’s only one gift left to arrive for wrapping for Christmas, and it’s one I ordered from an Amazon reseller. Most of the time this is no big deal, but they’ve decided to make a big deal out of this one. I checked the shipping status today as it was estimated to be delivered today. I’m glad I did.

It got shipped to Ohio.

I don’t know what the story is. UPS’s tracker is saying they tried to deliver it on the 4th, but that the street didn’t exist. The best part is that they’re sending out a postcard to find out where exactly it’s supposed to go. I don’t know who they’re sending it to… if they’re sending it to me they obviously don’t have the right address. So, err. Yeah.

I’m figuring that someone at the reseller screwed up the address when they gave it to UPS. I dunno. My address is correct according to Amazon’s records, so it’s not on my or Amazon’s end. Hopefully it won’t take them two weeks to get this sorted though.

edit- I stand corrected, Amazon themselves shipped it, not a reseller. Which means it’s probably a UPS problem. Go UPS! Three years running for Christmas screwups!