If it’s electrical, I’m handy.

Something funny occurred to me earlier about my household handlyman activities. Electrical stuff, which is arguably the most dangerous household handywork to do, doesn’t phase me in the least. Drywall, or siding? I’m too confident of screwing it up, beyond painting and the odd spackle patch.

Anyway. In the summer I, with a lot of help from Dad, replaced a broken gable fan I had up in the attic. When it died the air conditioner began to freak out and couldn’t keep the house cool. So we got a nice new one installed but in the process we broke the temperature sensor to tell it when to turn on and off. We ended up just hardwiring it on all the time.

Well I finally got back up there to shut it off for the winter, and in the process I wired in a switch to make the task a tad easier. I’ll still have to get up in the attic, but as long as I keep my fingers away from the thing, it’ll be a lot quicker to do. Of course, now the trick is for me to actually remember to get up there.

But yay.