With a kid growing up and talking more and more, it’s easy for us to put words in her mouth. Developmentally speaking, kids tend not to string more than two words together until they’re two or so, and don’t use personal pronouns (like I) until they’re around three. Except we’ve had multiple people hearing both out of Zoe lately.

Last night was the most impressive so far. Zoe was climbing into my computer chair and I told her “Z, mommy has your high chair ready with dinner, go sit in that!” I swear she said to me “No, I want this.”

This comes a couple of weeks after another surprising incident. One of us said to Zoe “You did it!” and both of us heard her reply “I did it!”

Any day now all of her babbling is going to start being translated and understandable. I’m sure she’ll have volumes to say.