Regarding Work

I got back to work last Thursday. Today is Monday. When I rolled into the office this morning to log my worked hours, I still logged a 44 hour work week in that time.

It’s so astonishingly refreshing to get back to work and be conveniently pre-burned out. Lifeless. Barely even able to go through the motions. But is it caused by this project (to which all 44 hours were booked), or this company? The project is a big one, one of the biggest I’ve had to suffer in my time here, and is of critical importance to the company for a lot of reasons.

Of course, none of this is helped by the fact that the problem piece we’re working on was identified as not necessary for the project. It’s an important thing and it needs doing, but we’re putting in such ridiculous amounts of time because it’s expected to go with this project, next week. But it was tacked on because someone mistakenly thought it was related, and multiple conversations that I and others have had to try to point out that it’s not a show stopper have fallen on deaf ears.

So, insult to injury. The project, or the place?