Proof of Sound

I’ve had reason to do recording a bit lately (don’t worry, nothing funny or interesting, you’re not missing out). One of the things I’ve noticed on the playback, though, is that I get a load of echo and background noise now.

Most of this is likely due to the fact that my office in this house has laminate floors instead of the carpet, so there’s not that layer of deadening. The rest I suspect comes from the fact that the ceiling is a big inverted V shape, flattened at the top, There’s a strong chance that’s helping bounce the sound around in here. Although my couch, an area rug, and my very fluffy kitty probably help in that regard, I’m still getting that noise. It’s not just in the recordings, either: when I’ve been on speaker phone in here folks have mentioned issues as well.

But while I was looking at a new microphone mount not long ago, Amazon listed for me some really rather cheap foam acoustic treatment squares. These are neat as fuck, and at the price would be a great and cheap way to help deal with the problemOn the other hand, who would want to mount those to their wall, permanently? Not I. 

I’m thinking that what I could do instead is work out some cardboard panels to cover the slanty bits of the ceilings at the one end of my office. The panels would have the foam mounted, and I could mount the cardboard via hooks or some such when I need them, and take them down… well, when we sell. 

Anyway, food for acoustic thought.