Beardliness 2

I never used to be able to shave two days in a row. To be honest, I never wanted to especially, but my face was too sensitive and would hurt. Well, that’s changed. Today was the third day in a row shaving with the new razor, and it feels great. 

So far so great, to be honest. It takes a great deal more care, unsurprisingly. The first couple of times I nicked myself no more badly than I would have with a cartridge razor, and today there were no nicks at all. And there’s still a few spots that are tricky to get with a differently-shaped razor when you’re trying not to slice yourself up. But all in all it’s hard not to call it a tremendous success.

Especially on the price front. Granted, buying a new Merkur razor was a lot more expensive than a new plastic Gilette handle (still only $30 and it’s all nice and chrome), But get this: a pack of 8 cartridges for the old razor goes for $25 and each lasts for four or five shaves before it wears down. Meanwhile, the new blades (should) last longer, and I’ve ordered a pack of 10 for $4.45. Yeah you read that right. Free shipping, too. 

Good times though. Who’d have thought I’d be enthused about shaving?