Microsoft’s primary Advertising partners come out and admit Kinect watches you.

Xbox One can essentially work like TV that watches you, bringing marketers a huge new trove of data about what’s going on in living rooms, including, as one marketer put it after the speech, unprecedented information about how people engage with TV advertising.

Microsoft seems to have finally dropped all pretense and are admitting that a Kinect, in your living room, is monitoring you and your response to the ads shown.

“It could have a big impact on pricing,” he said, given Xbox One’s capacity for seeing whether people are paying attention or how their bodies respond to the ads, said the marketer, who wasn’t authorized by his company to speak for attribution.

That coming from Microsoft’s VP of Marketing Strategy. 

Now this comes on the heels of another report where Microsoft states that the XBOne wasn’t built as an advertising machine… but hey, they were able to show off the sorts of biometric features being referenced here anyway. So you kind of have to wonder how badly their wires are crossed.

Bottom line, MS exec admits, and is excited, that the Xbox One will monitor you in your living room for advertising purposes.