Zoe had a nightmare last night. Woke up at 4:30am. She wouldn’t talk about her dream at first though.

Erin, when driving her to school, did get her to open up. Apparently her school has been going through the normal round of emergency drills, and nowadays this includes active shooter drills. That’s what freaked her out.

We don’t know exactly what methodology they’re using in this drill. Friends of ours that work for a few government labs have had to go through the same, where one employee was actually designated the shooter (tried to convince one friend that, if she saw him, she should scream bloody murder, piss her pants if possible, and collapse, then claim PTSD… she considered it but then when it actually happened she was “killed” so quick she didn’t get the chance). I’d hope they’re not going that far in a school.

But I do wonder what exactly they’re telling the kids when they do this? “This is in case a bad man comes in with a gun and wants to kill a bunch of you”? Think we may ask the teacher about that. Zoe knows about guns, she knows there are bad people with guns and good people with guns. She’s seen me playing video games as a good guy or a bad guy with a gun, and we’ve talked about it a bit. 

But I don’t know if it’s ever been put in terms of “bad guy coming to get you” or “there’s a bad guy in the school”. And as I said, I don’t even know that they’re telling her that. But… I dunno.