Stupid SciFi Thought for the Day

Katy Perry said, in passing in an interview, that she’d like to play Rachael in the sequel to Blade Runner.

On the one hand, props for knowing your Blade Runner characters. And maybe, just maybe, she’s referring to flashbacks or something, to be fair.

But on the other hand, way to completely and totally miss the point of the somber ending made perfectly clear by the movie’s touching soliloquy about how her kind live such short lives AND THEN followed up by its most famous line: “It’s too bad she won’t live… but then again, who does?” 

Or to sum that up in one big spoiler, she’s expected not to have survived long after the film ended, thereby making that character’s appearance in a sequel limited to a death scene, a flashback, or a total change of the film’s poignant final act.