Revisiting an old project

A couple of years ago (according to the timestamps on these files) I’d mentioned here having worked on a Star Wars Saga RP campaign. I haven’t hosted a game in literally like a decade, and hadn’t used that ruleset, so with a few ideas rattling around in my head I started getting it down on paper. It never got played either, nor finished in fact… based on the timestamps I stopped working on it in mid August of that year… aka when a good friend passed away and all of my creative energies vanished. 

That’s a different story though.

Something reminded me of the old campaign, and I decided to dig it up and re-familiarize myself with it. Almost instantly I was rewriting bits and pieces to flesh it out, make it more coherent, tighten up what would be boring or misunderstood bits, etc. The ideas that had driven it all in the first place came flooding back, even if the specifics of what I’d done before were fuzzy. Equally to the point, the passion for getting the framework of a story written down came back. Well, in between meetings, at any rate.

There’s a strong chance that this will never get played, actually. I don’t hang with many RPing friends anymore, and to be frank, I’m not sure I’d be interested in actually running it. Meaning that the effort is wasted and that even this post is unnecessary. So I guess that’s that. Hm.