The Last Day

Today is the last day at my current job. 

I’ve cleaned up/cleaned out/moved my office. I went to a celebratory lunch with my old crew. I finished the last of the training of my peers in the hopes that they’ll have some advantage should an issue arrive. And I’ve documented as much as I can. 

Tomorrow, the new job begins. It’s quite a distance away… I make it 15 yards to the new (temporary) cubicle. I begin working on a new team, with which I’ve worked for six years now anyway. I handle the same applications.

But now I’ll be another level removed. I’m technically not a part of the application support anymore. Not a server admin. Not a web admin. I begin as a Senior Application Analyst. I get to do a little more of the building of apps, and get away from the constantly scrambling to fix apps. Though of course they know they can hit me up if they really need me.

Three months ago another team approached me to let me know they had an opening coming up, a job that they had specifically specced out with me in mind. They were ecstatic when I applied. And in fact my current management was hugely supportive of the move, saying it seemed a natural place for me to go. 

Part of the interesting piece of this process so far has been the difficulty we’ve been having in finding candidates for my replacement. There’s just nobody out there in the Atlanta job market with my skills. Which is a good feeling, but on the other hand, I know I get to come back and train the new guy eventually. I do hope that won’t take long.

But tomorrow begins the new adventure. The hopefully significantly more calm adventure. I know I’ll do well, but I wonder how it will go.