Pub Crawl Expenses

Ugh, the online quotes I’ve been checking out for some of the fancy work we need done for the Pub Crawl costumes are way up there. Even my secondary “cheap” option is triple-digits higher than I’d expected. Buying the tools to do it ourselves was, at a quick glance, looking like an $8000 job. 

Sssssooo, yeah. Pain there. There may be a way to do the work by hand… we have the knowledge, but this one is a little larger-scale than normal hence the attempts to outsource it. Oh well. We can manage. 

We have an initial idea for the drink, one that NOBODY’S ALLERGIC TO, and need to find the time to sample it. At length. 

Also chatted with a few non-Pub Crawl friends to get their input on THE DESIGN (all hail the design). Got some good feedback with some other suggestions or ideas. Need to find a Latin translator while I’m at it.