Soccer on ESPN

Tomorrow at 10am, ESPN2 will have the Stoke v. Arsenal match. That one should be entertaining, at least if you’re not a Stoke fan: Arsenal is in 3rd place in the league table and Stoke is very… not. Still, I always enjoy a spot of the Premier League.

On the other hand, it was just announced that Monday around 3pm, the main ESPN will have the Manchester City v. Manchester United match (was already going to be on ESPN2 but I guess they decided it was worth the main channel). I actively dislike both teams but this should be an incredible match. The two have been fighting back and forth for first place all season long. Last weekend, United lost and City won their respective matches, bringing them to within 3 points of one another. If City can win this match, the two will be tied for the top spot right at the end of the season. It should make for some intense play from both sides. 

Too bad I’m going to be at work for that.