CISPA passed in the House

In spite of a growing amount of voter backlash and the threat of the veto from the president (and if he DOES veto it, he’ll have taken a long step towards redemption in my eyes),  the House of Representatives have passed CISPA. Worse, they added a few last minute amendments that radically widened the scope of it, then passed it

I see that my own representative voted for it, which means in return that he won’t be seeing my vote every again. I assume he didn’t read the security expert’s open letter to Congress on the matter (and has been filtering and ignoring my own attempts to contact him). Problem is, I suspect any of his potential political opponents would have voted for it too: technology isn’t a major concern here on the south side of Atlanta. Which is a shame. 

The EFF has vowed to take this fight to the Senate as well. Looks like the ACLU will join them. We’ll have to wait and see how it goes, but now’s a good time to start emailing and contacting your senators on the topic