Revolvertron 9000 UPDATE

So first of all, in the first week the new magic door was in place I got to witness a certain amount of hilarity related to it. There were indeed lines for it, which was funny, especially because the people on either side of it had to sort of shout/gesture at one another to be polite and let them go first, since again, it’s one person at a time. But the best was one of the managers lived up to the mental image I had for him by ignoring the copious amounts of signage, trying to go the wrong way, and getting semi-crushed by the door (it backed off when it noticed there was something large there blocking it). Good times, many laughs.

But beyond that it had settled out as everyone got used to it. It didn’t change people’s habits at all, as they’d allegedly wanted to do. The security staff didn’t have to keep hanging around it all the time, either. Or at least, they didn’t until this morning.

Today as I rounded the corner and prepared to be processed, I noticed a pile of ‘out of order’ signs on the damn thing, directing people to walk through the adjacent door for people with large packages or wheelchairs or whatnot, which was held open with a doorstop. I swiped my card needlessly as I went through, only to have a security officer in a borrowed chair sitting there asking to see said security card… apparently the whole system around the door was down and they wanted to be checking people’s badges.

No idea where this came from: door error? Perhaps a problem with the core security system (probably not given that all the other badged doors in the building were working)? Someone in executive management fed up and I’ll find it removed in a few weeks? Probably nothing so extreme, but I hope for comedy’s sake that that’s the case. 

I dunno. Either way it’s keeping the facilities guys busy. It also may not matter to me much longer: they’re moving my team upstairs and into the sunlight. Possibly. We might be in an enclosed area upstairs just to spite us.