New Newscorp Scandal Hilarity

Right, so it’s been a while since I’ve brought up the newer developments over the whole News International phone hacking investigations in the UK. The fact is, the investigations are still in progress and are actually still getting dirt. The big charges haven’t been filed yet and likely won’t be until they’re satisfied they’ve found all they can. There’s quite a bit already.

But now we have a fascinating new aspect to Newscorp and hacking that doesn’t relate to cell phones. It’s now alleged that the corporation had a subsidiary company that was dedicated to hacking the receiver codes for cable boxes of rival pay-TV firms, and released said codes to the internet to encourage piracy from them. The rivals in question went under, leaving a vacuum for Newscorp to fill.

Now, these allegations are fresh and new and won’t have been backed up by the current investigation into the phone hacking. It’s an entirely different part of their business, and the allegations so far are from a former employee who says the computer evidence was destroyed. 

But, you know. Lol.