Incredibly stupid or unbelievable genius?

In my tireless quest to be as snobby as possible about watching British TV, I’ve found plenty of hit and miss garbage out there. But there’s one that came up recently that is so simultaneously hit and miss, I can’t decide whether or not it’s good. Or shit. I can’t tell. It’s Schroedinger’s TV show. The thing is, it’s probably the absolute cheapest possible reality TV show to film, and yet vastly better than any stray episodes of other reality TV I’ve watched.

It’s called Carpool, and the premise is as simple as you could imagine. It’s hosted by Robert Llewellyn, better known as Kryten in Red Dwarf (he looks quite odd with a normally shaped head). He drives a Prius, and he has an outstanding offer to any celeb out there: he’ll give you a ride to wherever, and all you have to do is agree to have the conversations in the car filmed. That’s it. It’s so simplistic it’s beautiful.

And it works out well too. Rather than structured interviewing, they just chat about whatever. It’s an actual conversation. It’s quite pleasant.

The downside is that although I watch plenty of Brit-TV and know a lot of faces that are otherwise obscure in America, this is kind of dredging the depths for celebs that never make it on to the better known stuff. Which is… somewhat lame. It’s hard to want to sit and watch an interview for nobody you like at all. And that’s the part that seems to make it stupid. I dunno. It’s a weird dichotomy. I love the idea, I have no interest in most of the guests.

I do find the David Mitchell one to be pretty funny, and of course I don’t think I’ve ever seen Stephen Fry not being interesting. Oh well.