NewsCorp Hacking: Been a while

Been a while since the phone hacking scandals were big news. There’s been a bit more lately, including that 1) James Murdoch, who denied to an inquiry panel that he had any knowledge of it, turns out to have sent emails about it, and 2) a cell phone that was determined to have been involved in about a thousand of the hackings was discovered in NewsCorp’s east-London HQ, meaning it definitely wasn’t just the News of the World involved. Not that anyone ever really believed that in the first place, mind you.

But fresh fallout today. According to Reuters, a journalist with the Sun has been arrested for police bribery in connection with the whole scandal. And while it was probably relatively easy for NewsCorp to just down News Of The World and write it off in the hopes of staving off further scandal, the Sun would be trickier to do: it’s Britain’s most widely-circulated daily paper.

It’ll be a while before this whole thing wraps up and I imagine there will be a lot more hilarity to come. But it’s good to see a government not letting something like this just die.