Pub Crawl 2012: Ideas Already Discarded

Planning for the 2012 Pub Crawl is underway, and of course the first thing to do is come up with an idea. There are a couple we’re developing, and one that looks like a blend of a couple that’s looking like a winner if we can get it hashed out. But only one idea can stick. Plenty get left by the wayside. Here are a few:

DUI School

  • Everyone gets drunk, doesn’t really matter on what.
  • Forced to play Mario Kart for “DUI practice”
  • Discarded for being too gimmicky, plus nobody would stop playing Mario Kart and get the fuck out of the room.


  • Contrast to ‘Hell’ Theme.
  • Costumes are angel-ish, soft white lights everywhere, cotton all over the place.
  • Too unrealistic, nobody we know would be allowed in.

Alien Spacecraft

  • Drink Ideas: Little Green Men, or Intergalactic Roofies
  • Gift idea: cheap vibrators, preferably labeled with something along the lines of “I got Probed at the Probatorium!”
  • Discarded: our friends, drunk, with vibrators, is probably a bad idea. 

Glam Rock Backstage Party

  • Music takes care of itself
  • Old school 80s glam rocker costumes, tights with stuffed crotch, wigs, etc.
  • Decor consists of empty bottles strewn about and suspicious powder on every flat surface.
  • Discarded because I DO COCAINE