RPG? Begin Again.

The previous post, and thinking about RPGing in general, opened the creative floodgates. I spent pretty much the entirety of my Sunday assembling another RPG campaign. I’m annoyed at this.

I don’t often get a chance to host a game. In fact, it’s so infrequent that in most cases it catches me entirely by surprise and it ends up being run completely off the top of my head. I’m proud to have that quick thinking ability I suppose, but it leaves a man wanting to have the time to prepare and to schedule a regular thing. Real life being what it is, though, it’s difficult to get the whole group of friends together on a weekly basis.

Tried to run a campaign over a web forum a couple years back. It seemed to start off well: the players liked the idea (they hadn’t tried that before; I’d seen a few but never run one), and were eager to go. But it fell apart. I blame myself: being unable to guage their reactions in person, it was hard to tell what I needed to do to guide them properly for the missions in question.

And now, in spite of all of this, I’ve been working on another round. It may sit around, unused, until the end of time. But it still feels good to be writing the game.