Still going

US Senator Jay Rockefeller has called for a probe into NewsCorp to see if any US citizens were targeted for the hackathon, in particular over the 9/11 attacks. A British MP has called on their Prime Minister David Cameron to launch a probe over the same thing.

On the surface I’d suspect that just to be a bit of a grandstanding political move, getting points for invoking the sanctity of the WTC victims. But then, they did get into Milly Dowler’s voicemail (13 year old girl who went missing, later found dead) in March of 2002, so we know that they were after higher-profile targets at around that time. Plus, it was in 2000 when the Sun was alleged to have acquired the medical records on Gordon Brown’s son, though all of that is still under review.

So, there’s actually probably a useful purpose to such a probe. And man, if it turns out they did get into that shit, those people are screeeeeeeeewed.