Ugh, my head

So this week has sucked for project stuff. Really haven’t had much time to focus on anything, for one reason or another. I did finally get a replacement battery for my solar charger, we’ll see if that makes a difference.

Also picked up another of those superbright LEDs on their own breakout board with a controller. They’re neat little buggers, instructions are passed to them through a microcontroller (so in my case, an Arduino), but they’re designed to push orders in sequence. That is to say, instructions go to the first one, and the last instructions can go to the next, down a chain of them. In sufficient numbers it could make for a kickass cascading effect, but I wouldn’t want to overdo it.

I did end up making a great police-bar looking red/blue blink effect. This is obviously strictly as an experiment and not in any way to be used nefariously.

Of course it’s not.