Things Accomplished Today

Replaced 7 ceiling registers with nice, fresh, clean ones. Still have to replace the covers for the warm air returns but they’re generally not in such nasty shape.

Replaced window blinds on three windows. Fixed what seemed to be a factory defect on one in that it wouldn’t lock in place when I yanked the cord to the right. That just took a little duct tape on the one internal roller to give the cord something to grasp.

While I was at it, I re-drilled, re-anchored, and re-mounted one of the curtain rod holders in Zoe’s room. Hopefully that’ll be somewhat more secure.

Used the discarded twisting stick thing from one of the old sets of blinds to build a tiny lightsabre for Zoe. Details for that on the other blog. 

Then I had lunch. That’ll probably be all for today. All that hands-over-my-head work makes my arms incredibly sore.