Even more productive by 6

So on those GFIC electrical outlets. New ones these days have a special awesome sub-component to show when they have power, and can detect when they’re correctly wired. Which is very cool! Here’s the thing: the one in my kitchen wasn’t correctly wired. It had power, sure, but wouldn’t actually properly protect anything. And on the other side of the sink, an outlet even closer than the GFIC one wasn’t GFIC at all. Seriously.

Both have been replaced and are properly wired. My thumbs hate me for that: the new ones don’t have the nice quick release tabs for the wires so each had to be re-bent and wrapped around the damn screws and crap. But both are correctly, safely wired now. I’m very proud of that. Also got a normal plug in the bedroom replaced (got three others to do but my hands were wracked with pain at this point) and two nice, simple light switches replaced.

And with that done I took the family up to my office to show them around. Zoe has been wondering about where Daddy goes some days, so it was good to show it off. From there, though, we went to Fry’s, the electronic Mecca. I needed a new video card because the old one had started dying under even the lightest load (Windows Aero would kill it so I had to use Safe Mode for most of today). Got one from a manufacturer I use all the time, mid-range, and it’s doing quite nicely. Which is always pleasant.

But it’s been a good, busy day. I like the feeling that comes with having accomplished much. I don’t mean the warm fuzzies of doings things, though those are nice. It’s always seemed to me, though, that when getting shit taken care of the day goes slower. Dunno why. I like it though. The weekend seems longer that way.

And now, alcohol.