More productive by 11am than most work days.

Bought a new grill and assembled it. The old one was a tad smaller and 10 years old, but more importantly, the bottom vent was rusted open, the grill surface was starting to need replacing, and the underside of the lid had begun flaking paint. Really time for replacement. It had a good run though, served me well.

Also bought a load of new power outlets to continue replacing the old ones. Once the dishwasher is done I’ve got a couple of GFIC ones in the kitchen to update, and a few others to replace here and there. But already got a lightswitch replaced, and in a few minutes will be un-lazy enough again to get a couple of outlets in the bedroom.

And to top all of that off, got some automotive door trim. Wouldn’t dare put that crap on a car, mind you, but it’ll be a nice finishing touch for SEKRET PROJECT.