… Don’t know if want.

There’s a project at work that’s been going on for a couple of years now, to which I was attached. It was… well there’s only so much detail I could give. We were tasked with implementing a product about which I had several reservations, but we couldn’t find a more appropriate one (given the constraints placed upon us). I made it clear a few times that I wasn’t happy to have my name attached to it, but we did get it running. Poorly… which I had warned them would happen.

Budget time came around again and they began planning to upgrade the system late last year, so of course I was attached to it again. So far we’ve gone through the common motions while we wait for the actual funding to come through. But I was just told that A) my colleague, who had not been happy to be forced into a PM role as he was for this, is no longer the PM, and that B) I’m being dropped as the technical role, which he will become.

Now all else aside, I’m happydancing here of course. I’m quite glad to have that pile of crap off my plate, especially in light of the fact that I’ve been attached to several other truly major projects for the year (to which I look forward). And yet this place has made me paranoid enough to find it very fishy for some reason.