Stuffed with lame you mean

Some time ago I lamented the stupidity of Burger King’s so-called ‘Angry Whopper’, which was tasty but in no way spicy at all. And I mean, at all. Das Wife was just out to BK again and decided this time to try out their Stuffed Steakhouse burger.

I dunno if they’re advertising it as spicy. Essentially they took a whopper, mixed blobs of cheese and bits of what I assume to be fake jalapeño into the patty, then put it on a bun with some secret-saucy thing. So I guess that explains the stuffed part. Not sure on the steakhouse though, the patty was otherwise a common whopper thing. Whatever.

It’s definitely spicier than the Angry Whopper was. The spice level is roughly akin to having a small nibble of a pickled jalapeño… still not up to the level of a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich, which generally serves as my standard for fast food spicy. But as a fast food burger it’s not too bad I guess.