The Importance of Grammar

Got to looking at new cell phones and came across this review of a low-end smartphone I’m looking at, the LG Ally. This is copied exactly from the site listing them, and is in no way a lie.

I done a upgread to the LG ally from a basic phone and i loved the LG ALLY but the very first phone i got keep freezing up on me, during text , browsing the internet looking though photes whatever so verizon send ANOTHER brand new LG ALLY to me again and when i activated it at 2:30pm to 10pm when i got off work it has frooz up on me 23 times where either a1 it would freeze up and after about 2 min it would restart it self or i would have to take the battery out and then reset it, sent both back and stayed with me old phone again till they fix the kinks and problems with the phone and new 2.1 os since they are very new, i REALLY loved and liked EVERYTHING about the phone besides the freezing up was speading more time of it restarting it then using it


So listen, user reviews are extremely useful. Opinions by tech editors on professional review sites are a good start but they barely, if at all, address the “how it is day after day after day” factor. I appreciate real user reviews. But for the love of god, how bad has education in this country gotten if anyone could type the above and submit it under the misapprehension that it was a useful commentary on the device in question? And perhaps most frightening, is this AFTER they proofread it, assuming any happened at all?

I won’t pretend I have a perfect grammatical record but I’d like to live under the delusion that people can actually comprehend what I’m saying. Damn, though.