Final opinion on the roofing situation

So the roof/gutter replace on my house is complete. I just called State Farm to get them to release the depreciation check, and all is well.

I went with and I have mostly good things to say about them. Their guy, Jeff, spotted hail damage I hadn’t known I had and provided advice on getting State Farm involved, and was also present when the State Farm rep was there to make sure they were looking at the same things. I very much appreciate that, and not just because it saved me over six grand.

The options for the new roof were laid out clearly, the whole of the process was discussed, and all of my questions were answered. Dad recommended a few questions to ask, and for the most part I found that Jeff had in fact already answered them with the answer we wanted to hear.

The work was done well and quickly. The roof was done with about 9 hours of work on a Friday, the gutters done in under 90 minutes the Monday after. The roofers didn’t talk to us much but were courteous enough to recommend I move my car just in case. And perhaps most importantly, in the week after when we had a significant amount of rain, we had no leaks.

There’s only one nagging downside, and that’s the followup on the paperwork. I have the paperwork with me and everything I need is right there, but four times they offered, and I accepted, soft copies emailed to me. Never came, even with emailed reminders to them. Further, they agreed to fax the invoice to State Farm for me. Two weeks later I checked in with State Farm and they had gotten nothing (though they didn’t need a fax, the guy took some info over the phone and released the check… extremely happy with how they’ve treated me to be honest. I expected a nightmare but it’s been a breeze.). I’m not happy about that.

Overall, though, I feel I got a good deal and wouldn’t hesitate to go with them again. They’d get a 4 out of 5 stars for the paperwork thing but that may just be my specific rep (if you do go with them, I strongly recommend you ask for hard copies of paperwork every time, just to get around this headache… they should have little printers in their trucks). In fact I’m pleased enough that we’re still considering doing our siding with them as well, though gotta wait for the insurance check to come along and for finances to stabilize a bit before we go that route.