Opinion Followup

Took that Employee Opinion Survey today. My prediction that they hadn’t fixed the one tiny box for our own comments? I was quite correct. They still had the one box where we could offer suggestions which, as far as I’m concerned, only goes to show that they don’t want our input.

There was also a question over whether we felt the survey would actually help. The inherent optimism implied by the question made me laugh. They’re so cute, I wish I had a camera.

On an unrelated note, I dug out my old Rosetta Stone CD a while back and fired it up to see if I could learn German (being both a WW2 history buff and, increasingly, a snob about German cars). It’s been going… interestingly. It’s sorta like in high school when I was learning French. I took three years and know a fair amount of French, just nothing useful. So what have I learned of German?

Welche Farber hat dieses Auto? Dieses Auto is rot. Wo sind de Kinder? Sie sind in einem Boot. Die junge Frau hat langes haar. (Which color is this car? This car is red. Where are the kids? The kids are in the boat. The young lady has long hair).

In fact it’s gotten severe enough that I’m arguing with the program. “Die Pferde läufen”, it asks? Die Pferde ist nicht läufen, sie gehen! (The horses run. The horses aren’t running, they’re walking!)

So yeah, you can see how useful that is. But I guess it’s a start. And of course I was in the middle of this evening’s lesson when I found out that half of my family wasn’t Polish like we believed, but German. Yay! No more screen door submarine jokes!

Welp. Irish-German. If that’s not cause to celebrate with a drink, what is?