The Next Photographic Step

One of the reasons I moved up to nicer cameras is that my technical skill (to say nothing of my skill on working with light or composure) had surpassed the cameras I’d been using. Which was kind of a pleasant thought, but moving up to the minor leagues meant minor league money. It was about two years ago that I got that first DSLR camera, and now I’m on a comfortably upgraded #2. With the exception of a new wide-angle lens, the gear is just above my technical ability, which means I have room to grow into it.

But as I’ve been growing, my lesser skill with light is starting to put a damper on it. That understanding has to grow too. And after a suggestion by Auntie Pen that I do Becky’s unofficial senior pictures, it’s coming into play again. The work I’ve enjoyed so far was the odd nature shot, or spending plenty of time chasing Zoe around. Now I need to learn portrait work, which means (to a small extent) studio lighting.

On the upside, the most expensive mandatory component is the flash I’ve already got. Stick it on a $30 stand with a $15 adapter, bounce it through a $15 umbrella, using a $40 wireless transmitter, maybe with a $15 gel filter kit, and boom. Loads of things to play with and in the grand scheme of things, cheap as hell.

It was never my intention to go pro with this particular hobby, and still isn’t. But damned if I’m not gonna look like one carrying all this crap around.