Washing Machines and Garbage Day

I’ve had problems with garbage pickup a few times lately. A couple weeks ago I got a letter from my garbage company, Cardinal Sanitation. They said they’d been sold and my garbage pickup would go to Waste Industries. Ok then.

Then suddenly I’ve got no pickup. I called four times, got through once and never got the promised callback. Emailed both companies a couple times, got no answer. So Monday when their office is open, I’ll be switching companies.

Then my washing machine started leaking. I haven’t gotten a thorough enough look at it yet. The water is coming from the area of the pump, but I don’t think it’s the pump itself doing it. And yet, the hoses connecting to the pump are dry. But after a minor injury as the whole thing slipped off the prop I’d set it on (no worries, just suffered a welt) I gave up and went to get a new drip tray.

All this has been going on all week. On top of that, we just now finished up a huge work implementation that has been a thorn in my side for several months. We had a late night last night to get it going, and then a few hours today, leaving me exhausted. Just not a good week, at all.

Next week is Dragon*Con though. I can make it.