I mentioned a week or two ago my concern over being shoved into that certain position here at the office that I didn’t want. At all. Rather violently.

Shortly ago one of the guys who has been a sort of acting manager while my real manager has been in and out of the office popped into my cubicle. He had been out last week and the other bosses had noticed how frustrated I was getting over working on that stuff, and they’d wanted to know if it was just that I was that busy or what. And of course I brought up that I seemed to be getting railroaded into backup support without having been asked over it, etc.

He claims that’s not the intention and that they’re actually looking at getting someone else to be backup, but also pointed out that they know I’m “very bright but you get bored easily if you’re not interested in what you’re doing.” Heh. Been hearing that all my life.

So we’ll see where it goes from there. I have assorted one on one meetings with my bosses over the next few weeks (we tend to do them monthly around here), so it’ll probably get brought up.