Over the past two years I’ve gained 30-40 pounds. Obviously that’s rather alarming. I know that a fair chunk (certainly not all of it) has to do with stress from work. But it’s time I started picking up better dietary habits in general.

Since Thanksgiving I have had a grand total of three sodas. Note that I exclude tonic water and club soda that goes with the odd alcohol, but the main point is cutting out all that sugar. I’m proud to have stuck with it as well as I have… in fact, the other day I was losing hope and thought about going back to soda, and was somewhat pleased that my stomach churned at the thought. That habit is just plain gone.

Lately we’ve been limiting our weekend fast food runs, but a week or so ago I think we finally kicked the habit on a longer-term basis. There will be weak moments of course, but hopefully we can limit that to a healthy sub sandwich or something.

Speaking of subs, my weekly trivia night usually has me eating one of the Mellow Mushroom’s subs. I love them so, they’re fresh with good ingredients and probably a lot healthier than any fast food stuff. But I’m going to try their greek salad tonight and see how that goes. The fresher the better. Plus, not so much cheese.

Also thinking about a daily multivitamin just to cover those bases. Haven’t decided on it yet.