On Verizon

It’s been two months now since we switched over to Verizon. The actual phone service has been great. The line is definitely clearer than it was on t-mobile, and the ability to text has been useful, though we’re not yet used to it enough to be texting constantly like those youngins’. Plus the slight-usefulness of the unlimited data means it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to look stuff up online in a hurry, though my Blackberry is far, far better suited to it. It’s worth the more expensive plan.

However, I just looked up the third month’s charges and noticed that the bill went up. Again. Investigation showed that Wife’s line is being charged two bucks for data usage. Which is a shocker, because we’re supposed to be on an unlimited data family plan. Further digging proved that I do indeed have an unlimited data family plan. Wife, unfortunately, did not. She’d been assigned to some 450 minute a month standalone plan. That plan came with unlimited texting too or I’d have noticed it sooner when the huge bill came along.

It only took about five minutes to call customer service and get it straightened out (and the overall bill should be back to what I’m expecting, according to the number the guy gave me). He was friendly and efficient, which is nice.

But this is the third call, in three months, I’ve had to place to Verizon to get something straightened out. The previous one was when they tried to charge me $70 in one time setup fees despite my corporate discount AND the paperwork that was sent with the phones saying it was waived (the rep, after a very short hold time to check with a supervisor, waived that too as a ‘good faith gesture’… the principle of it still kinda irks me). The first was right when the phones arrived, when Wife’s wouldn’t activate on the network. That took the longest to get fixed, but mostly with me on hold while they tried to figure out the problem (turned out they had activated both numbers on my phone or something, and had to release her number so it could be activated, a screwup related to the family plan and number transfer combo). All of the reps I’ve dealt with have been friendly and helpful. I just wish I didn’t have to bother them.

We’re not at a point yet where it’s annoyed me as much as t-mobile did, and with a new activation I know some stupid issues are expected. But it’s uncool, and the trend damn well better stop.