Back to Linux

Well Windows died on me again. I’m tired of the activation crap and having to call and grovel to their tech support, so I’ve installed Ubuntu again.

As always it’s clearly come a long ways since last time I tried. But so far, the only thing that’s consistently giving me a problem is that my fancy dancy mouse (mx revolution) doesn’t have specific drivers, and my middle click won’t work. Everything else is great, especially that my external storage drive, which is still NTFS, is in fact working perfectly. I am quite psyched about that.

Also, last few times I tried I don’t remeber Synaptic being so useful. That alone is worth staying with it, because even windows doesn’t have that shit.

Still getting used to it though. It’s difficult having to search for the name of an application to do X. All the Windows stuff I need I can name two or three programs to do it off the top of my head. Now I have no idea what the names are, which is best, which is fastest, etc. That’s tricky. But getting there.