Drive By Evangelism

This morning I was at the gas station filling up, and a luxury car pulled up on the other side of the pump. That is, of course, a perfectly normal occurrence so I ignored it. After a moment, though, a gentleman in a really nice suit comes around the pump holding what is clearly some sort of religious magazine.

“Sir, how are you doing this morning? I’d like to share with you this inspirational experience….”

I was a tad surprised by this but raised my hand to stop him and said no in a tone that sounded far more annoyed than I’d really intended it to.

He told me to have a good morning. I peeked around the pump to notice that he got into the back seat, and that the car was still running. They then drove off to another pump to get someone else.

I just got drive by evangelized. That was a great suit though. I’m quite jealous.