The Lions are idiots

So the Lions got Stafford, which has been predicted for at least a month now. They’re paying $68 million to the bastard, and they’re idiots for it.

Look, a good QB is important, sure. But when you’re rebuilding a team (any year you finish 0-16, whether you call it that or not, you’re rebuilding) you can’t focus so much in the way of resources on one position. On one player for one position. They could have traded down, scored a later 1st round pick and maybe some 2nd and 3rd round picks. Sure they’d miss out on a hot QB, but they’d get players worth more in the long run for way more reasonable salaries.

The Bears overextended themselves to grab Cutler, but they don’t have so damn far to go. However, in the next couple of years they’ll need to do some serious defensive rebuilding themselves. The good aspects of the defense are mostly just too old, and although the younger ones have a few bright spots, most aren’t exactly power players.